For April Fools 2014, ISL launched a product called BeardSwipe — a mobile application that allows bearded men to easily access their devices by simply rubbing their phones against their facial hair.

The iStrategyLabs team put together a full user experience — including a social media campaign on TwitterFacebook and Instagram — to ensure the prank was fully believable. Users arrived at a striking single-page website that elegantly communicated the full offering of the BeardSwipe app. The site drove users to a marketing video, featuring many of our bearded and not-so-bearded team members. When users clicked the Download The App button they were taken to the iStrategyLabs website and informed that they had been pranked.

BeardSwipe drove over 70,000 site views, over 70,000 video views and 5.75 million Twitter impressions. The campaign was featured in VentureBeat, The Huffington Post, and ABC News.