Luden’s® has a long standing history of supporting new and local music through regional music festivals. With a strong brand personality reflective of their core consumer’s sun, trendy, and carefree nature, Luden’s® wanted to empower their consumers to create their own music. Expressing themselves personally, through the Luden’s® medium, the brand sought to connect better to their audience.
With a focus on creating social engagement for the brand, ISL created the Luden’s® Beatbox – an interactive web music mixing tool!
This proved to be an interesting challenge for ISL – how would you allow mobile and desktop users to infinitely mix track to share on social without clogging their memory, abusing their data plan, or creating an infinite load time?
ISL immediately rules out a native mobile app, as it was too prohibitive for users, based on the level of functionality the app would provide.
The main goal was to have users mix their own beat on the web app and then share to their Facebook wall or on their Twitter feed, thereby inspiring others to do the same.
After testing, we landed on creating a web application that would allow for all mixing to be done within the browser. This would allow each user to have a unique URL that would contain the read instructions for each browser, yet allowing the device to dump the information once leaving the site.
Each mix was paired with a visually stunning GIF that focused on lifestyle images chosen specifically to be reflective of the core audience. The overall design was created with a strict focus on current trends in the target audience – vibrant colors, stellar visuals, and a high level of personalization.
Users logged hundred of hours mixing their beats on 90% of our users were mobile, speaking to our mobile first application, and 20% of the users experiencing the site were returning users. 188 hours of music were made from simple 30s long mixes, shared out between 2-3% of the time, exceeding industry average by 50%.