The crypto market is painfully volatile. Sure, the general trend is up ($10 in 2010 is worth $1.2M in February, 2018). But at the end of 2017, things started looking bleak, in part thanks to the South Korean crackdown“marketing manipulation” theories, and Facebook’s latest ads policy. The cryptocurrency market suddenly dropped by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Whether you failed to invest early, or took the plunge too late, Bitcoin regret is everywhere.

What is it?

BitcoinRegret.Club is – simply put – a regret calculator. Enter a dollar value and date, and voilà – an amount of money that’s sure to induce grief.

BitcoinRegretClub Screencast Wide GIF

But wait, it gets worse! You can convert your result into real world goods like an iPhone X, a Falcon Heavy rocket, or a Bud Light Lime-a-rita. 

After you input a dollar amount and date, BRC pulls the bitcoin value from the Coindesk API, does a little math, and boom. Regret metric achieved.

How Was It Received?

Since launching, BitcoinRegret.Club was the top post on Reddit’s r/bitcoin and featured on Mashable, CryptoNews, BroBible and Tecmundo. Over 75,000 unique users visited the site in just 4 days after launching.

How We Built It

Experience Design: The experience was deliberately designed as a funnel that, by the end, generated shareable content for you. Clear CTAs, concise text, and minimal views were priorities from wireframes to finalized designs.

Branding: After several rounds of identity design, we landed on BitBoi™ – a woefully ecstatic coin that manifests regret. He sheds a single tear and grins as you laugh at your own pain.

Development: From the start, our goal was to make the experience quick and entertaining. That’s why we built BitcoinRegret.Club using React.js. React prioritizes rich user interfaces and provides a framework for making progressive web applications efficiently.

Strategy: Highly-tailored user personas and comical (yet remorseful) copy drove our strategy from the first time you open the experience down to the pre-generated Twitter copy.   


BRC-Design1 BRC-Design3





What’s Next?

Sky’s the limit. For a possible version 2, we’re thinking of adding new conversions, cryptos, and design features. For now, enjoy BitcoinRegret.Club (as much as someone can enjoy a tool designed to induce regret).