As the world’s leading maker of soup, Campbell’s has been delighting customers with their wide portfolio of food and beverages for almost 150 years. To help explore social product sampling, Campbell’s engaged ISL to create the “Snackbot” prototype — a futuristic vending concept that dispenses snacks in exchange for tweets!

We customized a traditional vending machine, replacing the front glass for a 46” touch-screen. We designed a visual interface for the display and integrated it with Twitter’s API as well as the machine’s native vend functions. The result — a turn-key experience that just needs power and an internet connection to put smiles on faces.

Once a user approaches the Snackbot and tweets a unique hashtag, the machine springs to life and users can see their tweet represented as a wave of energy flowing through the machine. We timed the dispense function just right so a delicious snack is dropped into the delivery box as the energy wave reaches the bottom of the machine.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video!