The Center for Democracy and Technology approached iStrategyLabs to build an interactive, web-based timeline to be featured at CDT’s 2014 #TechProm gala in recognition of the organization’s 20th anniversary. The purpose of the timeline was to commemorate the accomplishments of not only CDT, but also the community members and supporters who have fought alongside CDT to help keep the Internet open, innovative and free.

During the event, attendees interacted with the timeline on large, touch enabled monitors and on a variety of devices from mobile to tablet. Users were able to show their involvement in these moments and add their Twitter avatar to the timeline by tweeting a specific combination of hashtags from their personal mobile device. This not only added an interactive element to the event but also allowed CDT to start a conversation around these historical moments on the web.

After the event, the timeline will continue to be publicly accessible through CDT’s website and will remain up-to-date as CDT continues their involvement in crucial issues around digital freedom.