CourtPlay, the brainchild of two die-hard tennis enthusiasts and professional coaches, came to iStrategyLabs with a clear mission: streamline the scheduling process between tennis coaches and players, allowing coaches to spend less time booking lessons and more time giving them.

iStrategyLabs took this concept and, with the CourtPlay team, built a brand and web application that gives coaches the ability to market themselves, eases the administrative responsibilities of coaching, eliminates the inefficiencies of their current scheduling process, and gives them maximum earning potential. Players now have all the necessary tools to sign up for lessons, find players at their skill level, and locate courts in their neighborhood.

The result is a clean and beautiful web platform that allows coaches to focus their time on what they do best, coaching. While CourtPlay is an effort to make the lives of tennis coaches easier, it is also an endeavor that caters specifically to tennis players, allowing them to connect to coaches, players, and tennis facilities. In the end, everybody—tennis coaches, players, and clubs—wins. And really, that was the goal of CourtPlay all along, create an innovative way to bring together the greater tennis community.

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