Chloraseptic® is a brand for families. Built on tight-knit communities and classic, feel-good Americana, ISL created a sweet, nostalgic, and enticing crowd-sourced Ugly Sweater Contest for the holidays.
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Highlighting the comforting relief Chloraseptic®’s products provide, this campaign aimed to keep the brand’s roots strong while adding a fun, quirky, and timely element. Focusing on vibrant and seasonal photography that highlights the comfort of the holidays,  ISL built a seamless design tool that allowed users to create their own ugly sweaters, which they could then share on Facebook and up-vote. All designs could later be viewed in a gallery on the site’s landing page.


We used a newer browser function, called Canvas, that allowed for design elements to be created directly by the development team — lessening the need for asset cutting from design and allowing greater flexibility in the build process. Putting out the top designs to the Chloraseptic Facebook fan base, users voted for which design would win and be produced in real life!
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The sweater designer whose design won was eligible to receive a grand prize of up to 10 sweaters, and the first commenters for the winning design were eligible to receive a sweater as well.
The fanbase response was fantastic! Over 100% more likes and shares than the typical brand post and hundreds voted during the final ugly sweater design round.
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