Dorothy is ISL’s latest Experiment —  a small wearable we call the “Ruby” (a connected device that slips into your shoe) and a mobile App that allows you to trigger a call to your phone from a fake contact when you tap your heels together 3 times. Dorothy can also send an SMS to your contacts with a custom message, broadcasting your current location, letting them know exactly where you are. Read what else is possible in our full post on Dorothy here.

Since its release, Dorothy has been featured on some of the biggest news outlets in the country including: Good Morning America, EllenThe Today Show, NPR’s Morning Edition and The Meredith Vieira Show (click through the videos on the right, and check out the links below!). Dorothy has generated a ton of buzz across various news/tech/design publications, as the video itself surpassed 50k views across 150 different countries in just two short weeks.

Check out a sample of coverage here:

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