As Embassy Suites’ social agency of record, we’re provided the opportunity to experiment with the new and exciting offerings that social brings. In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving, jumping on the latest and greatest platforms (with the proper strategy in place) is not only fun, but provides the chance to discover new learnings about your brands social audience.

As a hotel, Embassy Suites is unique in it’s offerings. Not only do they provide a family-friendly and business accessible hotel, they provide 3 major additional advantages: complimentary cooked-to-order omelets every morning, two-room suites no matter the rate, and a complimentary Evening Reception cocktail hour every night.

As Vine entered the social scene, we were excited to test out the platform in order to showcase Embassy Suites’ brand pillars in a whole new way. What better way to show how Embassy Suites gives you more than with 6 second videos! The short timeframe is accessible to viewers not wanting to commit to a full video and provides unique filming possibilities. Not to mention, social-sharing friendly!

Brand Pillar: Cooked-to-Order Omelet

Brand Pillar: Two-Room Suite

Brand Pillar: Evening Reception