Imagine – if you will – that the Internet’s favorite animal could create the Internet’s favorite type of content …no, April the Giraffe will not be creating rage comics.

ISL teamed up with J. Walter Thompson New York and their partners at the Ad Council to create the Meme Machine: a simulation of a life-size set with animal-friendly elements that, when triggered, generate a meme. Stepping on a board rotated an image, licking an emoji placed the emoji over the image, and rolling around on a platform created a hashtag. It’s literally the cutest way to generate web content. 

The campaign concept was to enable shelter pets to take control of social platforms to blast out memes for fake holidays like “Boss Appreciation Day” or “National Space Day” and, ultimately, encourage viewers to adopt. 

ISL led production on a two-day shoot with real shelter pets as the talent. Our hardware, strategy, design, and video production teams worked closely to make sure all set elements were pet-friendly and arranged to create awesome content that met campaign goals.

Check out some behind the scenes shots below and be sure to check out the Shelter Pets Project!

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