The journey of pregnancy varies for every woman. Each journey is unique and depends on where a woman is in her life, whether or not she wants children, and if she’s even trying to get pregnant.

The Ask

e.p.t™ asked ISL to think beyond typical pregnancy commercials that show happy women jumping for joy at positive tests, and to rather show the real #momentoftruth. We created a concept for a video that focuses on e.p.t’s™ heritage, trust and accuracy – the three pillars upon which the brand is built.


The resulting video portrays the story of 5 women as they learn the results of the pregnancy tests carefully held in their hands. The viewer feels the tension and anticipation as the results are revealed, yet is never actually told the individual results. The viewer is left interpreting the reactions of each woman: is she crying because she’s sad? Is she sad because it’s negative or because it’s positive?

The Results

362,000 video views (95%)
5,633 video engagements
3x more completed video views than forecasted

The Logistics

We filmed on 5 different sets (4 built from scratch, 1 rented), spent 2 days pre-lighting the sets and 2 long days of filming. Each set piece and wardrobe was carefully picked to match the persona of that woman.






The :30s version of the video ran on Facebook as an organic post and via targeted ads to audiences like married, newlywed and fertility & family planning. A/B testing allowed us to test two variations of copy and optimize for the better performer. The video also was featured on and promoted via YouTube ads. A :17s shorter version of the video ran on Instagram via targeted ads.