FanGamb launched with a ambitious goal: to make fantasy football better.  Fantasy football is practically a religion in dorm rooms and offices across America, but the dominant model favors a love of statistics over a love of the game.  In all the focus on a kicker’s stats, FanGamb felt, the joy of rooting for your team can get lost in the shuffle.  Which is where FanGamb saw the opportunity for a whole new kind of fantasy football.  Fantasy football – by way of Las Vegas.

ISL was given one task: share this new vision of fantasy football in a 90 second video that pulses with the energy of the game.  The target?  It was pretty specific.  Their ideal audience was literally “a beer-drinking college student lounging in his dorm room at a big state school.”

Zach Goodwin created the script, design and art direction.  Brock Boyts led motion graphics.