The much loved organic beverage company, Honest Tea, asked us to help them bring their Honest Cities initiative to the social web. The resulting experiment to test peoples honesty online and off,  exploded across the web and twelve cities across the USA  in an action packed, one day campaign.

There were several components that interacted to create this wildly successful campaign:

  1. Honest Pop-up Stores were setup in 12 cities around the country where passersbys could steal an Honest Tea, or put a dollar in a box to pay for one.
  2. Each Honest Store had a hidden camera streaming live video. Over a year of video was watched during the single day of the campaign.
  3. We built a cross-platform mobile app that we equipped the Honest Tea field teams with to record a tally of buys vs. steals at each pop-up.
  4. We built the web and mobile-optimized microsite at to enable visitors to watch the live video, see the real-time HONESTy Tracker.
  5. Web users could test their own honesty by making their own HONESTy choices via Facebook and coupon integration. These actions drove real-time measurement of the geo specific Web HONESTY metric.
  6. We created and managed all design, web/application development, social promotion strategy and deployment that almost that melted our servers.

For more detail see our launch post.

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