GEICO hired us to build – a fake dating site for women to meet their cavemen matches. Men were able to morph themselves into cavemen, and women could see what their cave-baby offspring would look like. User-morphs and cave-baby profiles were widgetized and distributable to 90+ social networks.

To promote the site, we threw a fake start-up launch party at SXSW, only invited women, and forced men to beg the lucky invitees to bring them. We then arranged for Marty the Caveman (from the TV commercials) to crash the Facebook party (it was kind of a big deal) and bring women who were standing in line to our iHeartCavemen party.

Within 24 hours, the campaign was covered on 6 of the top 25 largest blogs on the web, and nearly 100,000 people watched our videos of the Caveman hanging out with web celebrities like iJustine, Peter Cashmore, and Robert Scoble.