Bring on the cute babies! That was our first thought when Little Remedies approached us, asking for a campaign where we would crowd source #LittleWins moms experience every day. Raising a baby can be tough after all, so Little Remedies wanted to know what moms do to make their lives and their baby’s lives a little easier. The campaign called for four short videos featuring a mom and her baby, a series of still photos in the style of the videos, a microsite to showcase user generated content and mom’s #LittleWins, and an Instagram takeover of the #LittleRemedies account by well-known mommy blogger #ThriftyNiftyMom. The results were about as cute as you can imagine. Take a look for yourself!


Four videos were produced to show four #LittleWins any mom can tackle.

Messy Mealtime


Exercising with Babies


Bait & Switch


Mommy Time


Cuteness overload!

Still photos were used to supplement the videos that were posted on Facebook and Instagram.

LR-FacebookAd_0001_Stuffy Nose


LR-FacebookAd_0004_Judah Basket

LR-FacebookAd_0005_Koko Basket-2


Instagram Takeover

Little Remedies partnered with #ThriftyNiftyMom, letting her takeover the #LittleRemedies Instagram account for two days. Mom blogger Janessa gave us an insider’s view to what it’s like to have three young children. Her posts included tips on ways to keep her babies calm, fun things she was doing with them, and how Little Remedies came to the rescue just when she needed them. Here are a few pictures she posted of her adorable family: