Each year, Mobile Future compiles a range of key mobile statistics from the year. These stats are one of the chief components for the video’s messaging, so our goal was to ensure we created a concise and engaging way to absorb this important information. Our solution was contained in three butter-smooth animations, featuring bold, geometric typography and bright colors.
Considering the impact virtual reality has had on not just mobile technology but on society as a whole in 2016, our conceptual approach originated from replicating a VR experience. We wanted elements within the video to remain realistic and familiar, but amplified by a vibrant color palette and energetic cadence that echoed Mobile Future’s brand.
To bring this experience to life, we knew from the start that 3D animation would be the crucial ingredient to its success. We collaborated with Sweden-based animator Frederik Wiedel, who handled all the 3D modeling and animating. Frederik has a keen eye for bold aesthetics and a knack for producing intricate, mechanical animations, so we felt his approach to the medium was strongly aligned with our vision.

As with any process, this project underwent a series of creative changes before it reached its final result. Through our storyboards and animatics, we scrapped any complex ideas and focused on creating simple, beautiful visuals. The messaging and statistics did the rest.

Simplicity guided our path through every decision we made during the creative process. With mobile devices operating at the forefront of making experiences much more accessible and convenient, a simpler approach not only improved the quality of our project, but remained closely aligned with the overarching message.
Here’s to a bright future in 2017!