PAW – “Puppies at Work” – is a Slack-integrated IoT tracking system to keep tabs on your dog in the workplace.

PAW is comprised of three key components: the Kibble, Hydrant, and the Dashboard.


The Kibble is a BTLE device that is attached to your dog’s collar in a small, sleek 3D printed enclosure. Each dog has a unique Kibble that is registered in the system.


The Hydrant is an enclosure that houses the Raspberry Pi. It listens for Kibbles so when a dog passes into its triangulated area, a message is sent to PAW indicating that it’s in range.


The PAW Dashboard is where registered users can login and see their office map, a list of dogs, and their current status.


This combination of components allows dogs to wirelessly check themselves in and out of the office, while letting owners see exactly where they are at all times.

How do you know if a dog is missing or simply out on a walk?

If a Hydrant doesn’t pick up a Kibble for 20 seconds, it’s considered to be out of range. The dog’s status is updated on the PAW Dashboard, and the dog’s owner is notified immediately via Slack.

If a dog is out on a walk, the owner simply updates the dog’s status to “on a walk”, which tells the system that the dog has intentionally left the office.


Can I check it out under the hood? 

Absolutely. PAW is open source! Source code for the PAW API and the Hydrant are publicly available on GitHub.