World, meet PiePal, officially the easiest and fastest way to order a pizza.  The physical construction was designed using SketchUp and printed out using PLA on a MakerBot Replicator 2. The internals are powered by a Raspberry Pi (of course!) & Arduino combination, allowing for finite control of the LEDs mounted internally and a fully realized user interface.

Like many of iSL’s Social Machines, the PiePal is powered completely by JavaScript, using  Node.js. Some tricky reverse-engineering allowed us to set up an API wrapper around Dominos’ amazing online ordering system, which handles everything from finding the closest store to tracking the status of each order.

Finally, we leveraged Google’s Coder library for the Raspberry Pi to create an intuitive setup experience that allows users to connect their wifi networks, Dominos accounts, and favorite pizzas for one-touch ordering.