The Task: Rackspace hired iStrategyLabs to take a fresh look at their website and update the design to better showcase their core hosting products, reflect their company culture, and show off their fanatical customer support.

The Concept: We used a bold visual concept, simplified the presentation of Rackspace’s core products, and focused on case studies of actual companies that host on Rackspace to show what cloud hosting can offer customers of all kinds – from enterprise websites to small start-ups.

The Process: We followed our process of uncovering key business and creative goals in Discovery, sketching out concepts and wireframes during IA/UX, and iterating on visual implementations in Design. Check out our Behind the Scenes: Rackspace Homepage Redesign blog post for a closer look at the magic.

The Product: The new Rackspace homepage is a bold, beautiful look at Rackspace’s core products, paired with case-studies of real companies who use them. Even better, we added a “how-it-works” roll-over, to give a quick snapshot of the technology that powers each product, and enticing users to click-through for a closer look.

Rackspace-Website-Homepage-Redesign-iStrategyLabs-ISL-Final-7 Rackspace-Website-Homepage-Redesign-iStrategyLabs-ISL-Final-5 Rackspace-Website-Homepage-Redesign-iStrategyLabs-ISL-Final-3 rackspace_innovation-1 rackspace_open_cloud-dragged-1 rackspace_cloud-3 Rackspace-Concept-4-dragged-1-1 Rackspace-Concept-4-dragged-1