Red Bull USA, in partnership with the Brooklyn Nets, called on ISL to overhaul existing interactive lockers that would be placed in key locations around New York City. In classic ISL style, we decided to re-build them from scratch.

We brainstormed around what would make these lockers more fun and engaging for fans. We had a tight set of limitations; we had to maintain the exact square footage of the existing lockers while still upping the fun factor, all while navigating complex copyright issues related to the Nets. We decided to re-design the lockers with more space to showcase the Red Bull and Nets gear that would ultimately be given away when fans played our built-in Nets trivia game.

Our Maker team, composed of an industrial designer, mechanical engineer, and hardware fabricator, designed and constructed two, 10-ft tall lockers made out of medium density fiberboard and plexi. We also created a Nets trivia game that allowed users to share their results on Twitter with pre-populated copy for a chance to win prizes displayed inside the locker. The game interface, sound design, logo and vinyl wrap were all custom designed in-house.



In June, we delivered the first locker to the Coney Island Nets Shop where it lived for the remainder of the summer. You can find the second at the Barclays Center at the start of the Nets 2016 season.