Do you know a good contractor for kitchen remodeling? Service Alley is a startup by The Washington Post to help people find the right home service provider for their job.

When Service Alley wanted to upgrade their website, they tapped iStrategyLabs for a full rebranding and website redesign.

In our discovery process, we found that customers simply want trusted, friendly contractors recommended by their real friends. With that context, we set out to redesign Service Alley from the ground up, with beautiful results.

Logo design: We first redesigned Service Alley’s visual branding to better align with their core audience. The new color pallet and logo are friendly and approachable, and more clearly communicate the idea of a happy home.

IA/UX: We re-aligned Service Alley’s content and website structure around social recommendations and search to center and simplify the process of finding a home service contractor based on qualifications and recommendations from friends.

Designs: The new website designs bring together the visual branding and updated IA/UX to create a simple and beautiful experience to find a recommended home service contractor who’s perfect for your job.

Read more about the project in our Behind the Scenes blog post.