Sheetz wanted a new way to interact with their customers, Sheetz Freakz, and generate excitement for the launch of their Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy Smoothies. The goal was to create an engaging, cross-channel campaign that would let the Sheetz Freakz decide which of the new smoothies would stay on the Sheetz menu.

Enter… Sheetz Smoothie Smackdown!

This was a new and exciting challenge for both Sheetz and ISL: How could the campaign grab people’s attention to vote online while seamlessly integrating with the Sheetz in-store experience ?



After working through our IA/UX process, we created a user flow and eye catching mobile-first designs that complimented Sheetz’s traditional advertising. Ultimately, our goal was for customers to see the in-store collateral, take a photo, and have the ability to easily vote for their favorite smoothie via a custom microsite or social media. In-store advertising was paired with supporting social media content that was promoted throughout the campaign to reinforce the message.

Sheetz Smoothie Smackdown-Desktop

The microsite was powered by a Grandstand, which pulled in user generated images that used the hashtag #SheetzCottonCandy or #SheetzBubbleGum. To drive extra excitement, users who submitted a photo were also entered for a chance to win a Sheetz Z-Card and could register their loyalty card for a free drink.

Sheetz Smoothie Smackdown-Desktop

Smoothie Smackdown was a major success! Not only did users submit photos, but they did so following the exact user flows we set out to achieve from the start. The campaign ran for nearly two months and in the end, #SheetzCottonCandy came out on top.