Introducing Social Clock, the internet connected device that monitors your brand’s real time engagement rate on Facebook. The Social Clock polls Facebook’s Open Graph API and calculates the engagement rate of your posts over the past three days. The data is displayed on a 14 inch branded wooden plaque embedded with a ring of color changing LEDs. Once all of the LEDs on the plaque are illuminated, it means your brand has hit its engagement rate goal!

The Social Clock is powered by one of our favorite microcontrollers at ISL, the Electric Imp, which is great for this type of product. The development model the Imp uses is great for collecting data from the internet and interacting with physical hardware. The PCB board inside of the Social Clock is one that we had custom fabricated to power a few of our internal projects.


The entire body of the Social Clock — comprised of many layers of thin wood and acrylic stacked on-top one another — was fabricated in house with our big, new, laser cutter!

Social Clock - Laser Cutter

The Social Clock is a clean, beautiful, and fun way for companies to to quickly see how their brand is performing on social.

Luis Social Clock