STORY — a retail store that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store — reached out to ISL to help them create something interactive, engaging and memorable for their client Diet Coke at NYC fashion week. They needed something that would live in their store for three weeks and that would allow users to not only engage with STORY, but also Diet Coke and acclaimed artist Donald Robertson. Enter the Diet Coke Social Cooler.


Our team quickly created a sleek, white cooler that only opens when tweeting @DietCoke using the hashtag #followyourart. The design complimented the interior of the store and was left as a blank canvas for Donald. Using the DietCoke color palette and Donald’s recognized illustration style, not only was the cooler painted, but over 500 Diet Coke bottles were similarly designed and wrapped.


Social Cooler 2.0 at Story (1)


The result? A hugely successful three weeks. The cooler was opened in-store 331 times via Twitter, resulting in an increase of 542% in tweets for @DietCoke and #followyourart. That’s a lot of Diet Coke being served!

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Donald_Diet_Coke28 Donald_Diet_Coke17