ISL partnered with Sungard Availability Services — one of the world’s largest enterprise IT infrastructure and consulting firms — to complete a massive, two-phase overhaul of its former website to better meet specific B2B use cases, serve as a long-consideration resource for potential customers, and facilitate a narrow-funnel sales path.

We conducted extensive background and UX research, identified in-depth use cases, user stories and user goals, and ultimately delivered a platform geared toward a set of key  business needs. By streamlining the website content from 50,000+ pages to around 10,000 — we were able to focus attention on key information. Our user experience design and creative concept elevated the real people who impact and are impacted by SungardAS’ services — as a means of showcasing the solutions and resources offered by the company.

The result is a bold, beautiful website with incredibly intuitive information discovery and convenient customer support tools that help SungardAS connect with present and future customers.  Check it out at