Sweetgreen came to us with the need for a modernist, minimal, but still friendly blog design to showcase their innovative thoughts on style, food, music, and life itself. They believe in serving real food, cultivated by real people, to customers they care about.

Born in 2007, the past few years have granted Sweetgreen growth and expansion to additional mediums and ways to connect to the customers they care about. Utilizing social media and blogging daily, they keep their fans updated and connected with the brand and everything encompassed within the sweetlife, including food, life, music, and style.

Harnessing all that is hipster, utilizing modernist stylization, and splashing everything in a sun-drenched euphoria was the winning combination for the blog design. Geometric shapes accented with bright, funky colors, and then toned down with a soft background and minimalist textures pumped the blog design with sweetlife goodness.

If you’re a foodie, fashionista, audiophile or design maven you’ll want to add this site to your daily feed-of-awesome.

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