Kroger strives to provide aspirational content to users, transporting them to places around the world through mouth-watering culinary content. In the most recent “Taste Of” series, we traveled to Italy to introduce users to a traditional 10 course Italian meal through engaging videos and photos that highlighted Kroger’s Taste of Italy recipes and featured products.


Many in the Kroger audience believe they know basic Italian dishes, so we challenged ourselves to show uniquely prepared dishes or courses that utilized ingredients not always considered “traditional Italian”. For the photos and videos, we enlisted the help of an Italian chef from Think Food Group to bring recipes to life through four short form videos and seven still photos.



Beyond the video and photo content, we worked with Kroger to organize a “Taste Of” Twitter Party with MasterChef Season 4 Winner Luca Manfe who live tweeted answers to user’s Italian questions, resulting in 2,305 tweets and a potential reach of 43+ million. Participants included blogger support from Kroger’s influencer network The Motherhood, which resulted in 70% of total clicks

An additional component of this “Taste Of” campaign was a Facebook Live cooking demonstration by Top Chef Mike Isabella. Mike began the live stream by describing three Italian pastas and a favorite recipe for each. Users were then able to live vote in the comments for the dish Mike would be preparing. The verdict was clear and Mike ended up making Short Rib Ragu with Gemelli. The stream resulted in 18k video views both during the stream and afterwards.


The campaign was a great success with 21.1+ million Facebook impressions, engaging with 225k customers, 7.1+ million Twitter impressions, 4,500+ engagements on Twitter and #TasteofItaly reached 58.9+ million.