Putting Fiber To The Test

When individuals think of fiber, they rarely think of a delicious tasting gummy — who knew those ever existed! The only way for people to realize the deliciousness is to try the product themselves. Enter the Fiber Choice Taste Test Challenge.

ISL was tasked with creating a unique way to approach active, healthy Choice Seekers, and challenge them to try the fiber supplement chew. We began by concepting a taste test that would be conducted in three locations: a hiking trail, a running path, and an indoor rock climbing gym. We would catch people in their native environments and ask them to not only try Fiber Choice Immunity Gummies, but also the leading competitors.




The footage of these real people participating in the Fiber Choice Taste Test Challenge was pieced together into :15s teaser videos shared via pre-roll ads, Facebook social posts, and ads on Twitter. We also created a longer form video that showed all of the challenges in full. In addition to the videos, ISL created a microsite, FiberChoiceChallenge.com , for users to watch the full length video, download a coupon unique to the campaign, and take the taste test challenge themselves.