As a Facebook Media Solutions Partner we were given unique access to the new Facebook Trends API, which we used to create our latest work for the social network: a real-time touchscreen data visualization of the Facebook Trends API, used at Facebook’s 2015 F8 Developer Conference.

Our visualization is a depersonalized view of the most popular conversations happening around the world on Facebook, using the Trends API to show the top conversations across nine different categories: Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics, Science, Technology, Health, Disaster, Strange, Celebrity, Crime, and Lifestyle.

It’s a JavaScript based web app that pulls data from three Facebook API’s (Trends, Topic Insights, Graph) and displays them in a beautiful WebGL environment with touchscreen interface. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visitors see a universe of trending topics
  2. They click into a Trend
  3. They can then tap on posts to see contributing content
  4. Visitors can also browse and filter by category

Check out some more photos of the visualization in action at F8 below.

Whats-trending-on-Facebook_2Whats-trending-on-Facebook_14 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_13 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_12 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_11 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_10 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_9 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_8 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_7 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_6 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_5 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_4 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_3 Whats-trending-on-Facebook_1