Meet TriggerPad — a fun, hands-on video player that uses custom 3D printed figurines to trigger a unique selection of videos. Each figurine has an RFID tag that is paired to a specific video. Simply put, when a user places a figurine on the reader, a video starts playing. When the figurine is removed, the video stops.

ISL_6890 ISL_6891ISL_6896


At the heart of TriggerPad is a Mac Mini running a Processing sketch. The sketch communicates to an Arduino and an RFID reader while displaying videos on a monitor.

As an added bonus, TriggerPad’s hardware is housed inside a slab of Acacia, which was milled out to house the RFID reader, 6 glowing acrylic platforms, and an LED ring that indicates video progress. Nice.

The videos are easily interchangeable and the figurines can be customized to be any shape. TriggerPad has been UX tested, works perfectly as an on-the-road demoing device, and kids love it.